Wave | Pen


A designe expressing the colors of the pen in shape. We regard the color as a physical phenomenon coming from the difference in wavelength of light and represent it as a pattern on the pen body. In other words, the red having a long wavelength of light is represented by a pattern of long waves, and the blue having short wavelength of light is represented by a pattern of short wave. The two different patterns are applied to each pen body. This patterns help you to distinguish a color with touch of your hand if the pens are in a bag or pencil case where you cannot look at.

Yolk in the cloud | SSD


In Korea, they often use "yolk" as a meaning to express the important things and places. I studied how to wrap SSD safely like an egg which covers up its yolk safely. An air bag cushion is very convenient; it is light, and easy to put the air into the cushion when it is needed. Moreover, SSD with an air bag is a safe even if it falls from a high place, and into the sea. It is named "yolk in the cloud" because the yolk wrapped by air cushion looks like floating on the clouds.

Falling Pin | Vase


This vase looks as if a bowling pin is falling. In spite of the fact that the vase isn't designed to fall over, paradoxically it shows a reversal in the appearance of a bowling pin that it exists to be fallen onto the floor. The shadow-shaped bases stably supporting the vase is made of marble.